High-speed and High Efficiency Gearbox for Hybrid Vehicles

The RedHV+ project (Réducteur Haute Vitesse – high-speed and high efficiency gearbox for hybrid vehicles) consists in determining whether or not it is possible to manufacture a high-speed gearbox (30,000 to 40,000 rpm, 20 to 40 kW power), compatible with car costs, whose efficiency is equal to or exceeds that of existing gearboxes and which thereby allows for the use of high-speed electric machines in motor vehicles.


Technology of the future

The aim of the project is to develop a high-speed, high efficiency gearbox that is compatible with car costs.
Work will be carried out on a single-stage gearbox to assess the performance of elementary technology so as to thoroughly assess the efficiency of this high-speed stage.
At the same time, the methodological work carried out in close cooperation with the industrial players providing solutions, will help to shed light on innovative technologies that improve the performance that can be achieved with the technologies ordinarily used in gearboxes and other gearboxes for electric vehicles.
A complete gearbox demonstrator will be designed and assessed in order to identify manufacturing processes for future mass production.
Certain obstacles will have to be overcome in order to guarantee a successful outcome to the project. These obstacles relate to several areas of technological and scientific innovation: bearings, gears, lubrication, sealing, machining, dynamics and acoustics.
The project is primarily expected to have an industrial impact on the French carbon-free vehicle sector by allowing French manufacturers to strengthen their positions on this market. The technological solutions developed will also provide real potential for increased value in several fields such as aeronautics, rail, road haulage, passenger transport, energy and industry.

The RedHV + project in figures