Structure of the Project

The RedHV+ project breaks down into 5 Work Packages based on a V-cycle model :

  • Work Package 0: Project management

    The goal of Work Package 0 is to ensure coordination, administrative management and promotion of the project.

  • Work Package 1 : Definition of the needs, selection of the technologies and architectures

    The goal of Work Package 1 is to draw up the specifications for the demonstrators which will be manufactured as well as best practices for the latest available technologies on the market in order to meet the project requirements. This process helps to guide Work Packages 4 and 5.

  • Work Package 2 : Design and manufacture of the demonstrators

    Using the results of Work Package 1 as input data, Work Package 2 will involve designing and manufacturing the demonstrators required for assessing the technologies and validating the final concepts. The performance of Work Package 2 will include the iteration generated by the academic research work and the development of the planned design support tools.

  • Work Package 3 : Characterisation and validation tests

    The feedback for the V cycle is provided by Work Package 3 which is aimed at carrying out the performance characterisation and validation tests of the existing, emerging or innovative solutions developed as well as of the complete gearbox.

  • Work Package 4 : Identification of losses

    The goal of this Work Package is to perform the necessary research required for drawing up the energy model of the high-speed gearboxes and defining the methodologies to qualify and quantify the elementary phenomena.

  • Work Package 5 : Performance improvement

    The goal of this Work Package is to develop technological solutions that are able to meet the challenges dictated by the application in all the identified areas (lubrication, friction, sealing, bearings). The work of this Work Package requires close links with Work Package 4 as it helps to supply and loop back the overall model based on the results obtained from the technological solutions developed.